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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-January-2021A Study Of Teacher’ Opinions Towards S Creation Of Management Criteria Of School Administrators In Applying The Principle Of Good Governance Of Primary School Under The Office Of Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area 1.Penprapa Anuntaphum; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021A Study Of The Desirable Characteristics Of Students In Primary Schools According To The Opinions Of Teachers And Parents Toward The Rattanawapee Educational Quality Development Network. Under The Office Of Nong Khai Primary Educational Service Area 2.Prab Haewchan; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021A Study On Academic Administration In Small Schools In Mueang Maha SarakHam District Under Primary Educational Service Area Office 1Aemorn Aupata; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Development A Set Of Mathematics Learning Activities By Collaborative Learning With STAD Technique On The Numeral Factorization Of Primary Education.Niyada Buakhao; Phatiraporn Kraipinit; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Development Mathematical Skills On Addition Subtraction Multiplication And Division Of Fractions By E-Learning For Primary 6 Students In Ban Hin Roi Moei School Under Chaiyaphum Primary Educational Service Area Office 2.Nantiya Tongsom; Thawutchai Sawusdee; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Development Of Computer-Aided Courseware To Teach Programming In Python Technology Secondary School Grade 2, Sichomphusuksa School Khon Kaen Provincial Administrative Organization.Noppakhun Suebloei; Patiwat Saensuk; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Education Of Eight Moral And Ethics Of Opportunity Expansion School Under The Loei Primary Educational Service Area Office 2.Apisit Simmalee; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Learning Innovation And Multimedia: Fraction To Mathematic Learning Result Development Of Primary 4 Students In Sammoonnak School Under The Office Of Chaiyaphum Primary Educational Service Area 2.Thammarat Singsong; Mullika Luepanya; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Study Of Students’ Moral Principles And Ethics As Perceived By Administrators And Teachers In Educational Extended Schools Under Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area Office 5.Ariyaphap Diloklap; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Thai Dramatic Art Teaching Media And Innovation Creation Dancer (Chip And Wong) Of Grade 7 Students In Banwangmuang School Kasetsomboon District, Chaiyaphum Province Under The Office Of Primary Educational Service Area 2.Chanthamuk Chaengkham; Khanisthaka Nontan; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021The Development Of Academic Achievement Was Through The Use Of Teaching Aids On The 5 Main Food Groups Of Elementary School Students At Ban Truat School, Srinarong Distric Surin Province.Samart Chomrum; Naruicha Phongsai; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021The Development of Diphthongs Pronunciation Ability of Pratomsuksa 1 Students with Learning Disabilities Khu Mueang Wittaya School by Using Language Skills Training.Phitsanuwat Suraritthipong; Piyanan Akkharakot; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021The Development Of Learning Achievements On Science Class, Matter 1, Life And The Process Of Life Subject: The Existence Of The Species Of The Organism Of Pathomsuksa 5 Students In Ban Non Chad School Using The 5 Es Of Inquiry-Based Learning.Nantaporn Morakot; Yaowaret Charoenwan; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021The Development Of Mandarin Writing Of Matthayomsuksa 6 Students By Using Task-Based Language Learning.Apichaya Bunlai; Intira Kraiyaso; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021The Development Of Teaching Science Innovation In Improving Learning Achievement In The Topic The Result Of Creativity Learning To Solve Science Problems Of Matthayomsuksa 6 Students Of Numpongsuksa School Under Secondary Educational Service Area Office 25.Wasan Siripukdee; Wichian Srilapud; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021The Development Of Thai Reading Ability By Using E-Book Of Anuban 2 Students At Phonsimanukroa School Under Kalasin Primary Educational Service Area 2.Phuwasit Srichaisang; Arpakorn Supho; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021The Participation Of The Basic Educational Committee In Administration The School In Phayakkhaphum Phisai District Under Maha Sarakham Primary EduCational Service Area Office 2Phansak Uppate; Chakkaphan Chanchareon
16-January-2021Under The Wang Thong Subdistrict Administrative Organization.Worawut Sudnoy; Wanchalemrchai Phonnawapat; Chakkaphan Chanchareon