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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-April-2008IBC484 exercisesNamtip Wipawin
30-August-2561ICT for Science Teacherรัฐสภา แก่นแก้ว
30-July-2554The impact of changing culture in higher education on the person-organization fit, job satisfaction and organizational commitment of college facultyCastiglia, Beth
1-December-2018The impact of digital transformation to business performance in thailand 4.0 eraAssistant Professor Dr.Anupong Avirutha
24-July-2554The impact of strategic human resource management on organizational performance: A perspective of the resource-based view of the firmHester, Lorenzo J.
23-July-2554The impact of strategic sourcing and networking processes on customer responsivenessBernardes, Ednilson Santos
31-July-2554The impact of the managerial leadership style on the levels of job satisfaction of staff members: A study at Al-imam University (AU) in Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaAl-shuwairekh, Khaled N. S.
25-October-2007Improved Line Imbalance of Single-Switch Converter by Double - Switch Converter for Common-Mode Noise ReductionBoonpirom Nimit
23-July-2554In retrospect: After their military discharge, what factors enabled combat Vietnam veterans to obtain a college degree and live a successful life, as defined by them?Walck, Bradley M.
23-July-2554Inattention and academic functioning: A model of mediation via academic preparationTerrell, Joy Lynnette.
23-July-2554Increasing homework completion in children with ADHD using the Mystery Motivator interventionAllison R. Teta
24-July-2554Increasing homework completion in children with ADHD using the Mystery Motivator interventionTeta, Allison R
24-July-2554Information visibility and its impact in a supply chainWu, Jianghua
23-July-2554An instrument and model to measure the impact of human resource management on supply chain managementDoerflein, Kimberly Anne Smith
24-July-2554Integrating information resources in supply chains: A simulation analysis of delivery performance and resource utilizationNabavi, Majid
24-July-2554Integrating supply chain management principles into the new product development processParker, Stephanie
24-July-2554Interactions of retailers' marketing decisions on operational performance in a supply chainKurata, Hisashi
5-March-2555International Symposium on Studies on Historical Heritage, Antalya, TurkeySakkarin Sapu; Nattawut Usavagovitwong