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Title: Shot noise due to carrier generation in planar metal-semiconductor-metal optical sensors structures
Authors: Sanya Khunkhao
Keywords: Metal-semiconductor-metal structure
Shot noise
Noise ratio
Low-frequency Noise
Issue Date: 4-August-2555
Abstract: Low frequency 3-100 kHz shot noise (white noise) emerging from photoinduced current in Mo/n-Si/Mo structures leaving undepleted region has been observed under different bias and optical intensity conditions. The measurements revealed that the current noise observed depends not only on the illumination intensity levels but also on bias voltage. The current noise observed is expressed as 2()2SqIωΓ= and analyzed, where I and2Γis the average current and noise factor, respectively. The measurements reveal that2Γhas strong bias dependence, lying to about unity corresponding to simple shot noise. Such experimental results are explained, stating that the reduction of crosscorrelation between drift and diffusion currents and autocorrelation of drift current component determining the level of noise occurs with decrease in SCR width bias-dependent. To explain the behavior of observed noise more properly, we propose, in addition to the mechanisms above, that the reduction in autocorrelation effect of each current component plays an important role to decrease the relevant noise to such extremely low levels.
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