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Title: Application of Distributed Slack Bus Power Flow to Competitive Environments
Authors: Keerati Chayakulkheeree
Keywords: Compettitive Electricity Market
Issue Date: 5-August-2555
Series/Report no.: 20-16
Abstract: This paper presents the mathematical model of distributed slack bus power flow (DSPF) program and its application to competitive electricity supply industry (ESI). The advantage of DSPF is its ability to compute the frequency deviation when the ACE is treated as fixed value. It can represent the automatic generation controls (AGC) for maintaining nominal frequency. More specifically, the proposed method can diversify the power imbalance to voltage controlled buses in the system via participation factor. Therefore, the AGC of the generators can be incorporated in the analysis. The participation factors of the generators are obtained by the weighted average of AGC accepted quantities in ancillary services market. The results shows that the proposed method can satisfactory represent the system behaviour that all generators are response to power imbalance. In addition, the proposed method results in the better justified AGC setting in competitive electricity market than that of using single slack bus power flow. The DSPF is tested with the IEEE 30 bus system and compared to single slack bus power flow solution. Numerical results shown that the method can effectively represent the generation control characteristics to the power flow model and potentially be applied to simulate the competitive electricity markets.
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