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Title: The Process Reassignment Design and Implementation for Business Continuity Operations
Authors: Pakorn Sermsuk
Kasiphan Masakul
Suchai Thanawastien
Keywords: Business Continuity
Process Reassignment
CRUD Matrix
Issue Date: November-2007
Publisher: Proceedings of the International Conference on e-Business 2007
Citation: A cyclic approach to business continuity planning
Abstract: In this paper, a new design methodology for business continuity is presented. The methodology is based on the process reassignment in a multiprocessor system in which disjoint process groups are running on different processors. The reassignment process is modeled as the process coupling graph and matrix in which the coupling weight between different process groups is defined as the number of data accesses as defined in the CRUD matrix. The scenario considered is that of multiple single failures of processors that can occur over a time period. The reassignment vectors for each state of failures are computed on-the-fly.
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