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Title: Ontological Automation of Strategic Information System Planning
Authors: Kasiphan Masakul
Suchai Thanawastien
Pakorn Sermsuk
Keywords: Ontological
Strategic Information System Planning
CRUD Matrix
Issue Date: November-2007
Publisher: International Journal of The Computer, The Internet and Management
Abstract: The formulation of strategic information system planning is a systematic process consisting of SWOT analysis, CRUD matrix formation and affinity analysis, business area analysis, projects definition, prioritization of projects, budget computation, phasing, and defining key performance indicators for follow-up and evaluation. This paper describes the automation of the procedures in formulating the strategic information system documents. The software will assist in collecting, relating, and generating the desired output. Also, the software employs the ontological concepts and built-in domain specific intelligence ontological distribution function to assist the strategic information system planner in the affinity analysis of the CRUD matrix forming the right business areas in implementing the strategic information systems.
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