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Authors: Nattawut Usavagovitwong
Keywords: Indoor air quality
Sick building syndrome
Low-income settlements
“Chumchon Aai-aat”(crowed community [1])
Shelter improvement
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: This article intends to clarify the importance of indoor environments in low-income settlements, which considered as marginal group of people, and to explore the possibility of indoor environmental improvement, which normally limit in financial resources, choices and alternatives. Regarding to their constraints, basic knowledge about sources of pollutants in the existing condition of low-income settlements are necessary as well as general condition of residential characteristics and their surroundings. By conducting the available core strategies, the prioritized major sources of pollutants are identified, simultaneously with investigating through the potential and strength of any resource in hand as solutions for alleviating this problem. Finally, plan and mechanism will be suggested on the basis of applicability and reasonableness in the real world.
Description: "Usavagovitwong, N. (2003) “Improving Indoor Environments for Low-Income Settlement” Proceedings of International Symposium on Achieving Healthy and Productive Building, ISBE and ASHRAE Thailand Chapter , Bangkok, 20-21 March , pp. 121-32."
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