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Title: Self-care Behavior of Monks with Chronic Kidney Disease
Authors: Warunsiri Praneetham
Prasert Sitthijirapat
Kanchana Kiatkanon
Keywords: Monks
Chronic Kidney Disease
Self-care behavior
Issue Date: November-2018
Citation: Vol.29
Series/Report no.: No. 3
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to study self-care behavior of the Monks with Chronic Kidney Disease. Sample of this research was 150 Monks at Priest hospital, Bangkok. Questionnaire has been employed to collect data which consists of two parts. The first part was demographic data of Monks. The second part was self-care of the monks in five dimensions, 53 questions, which are self-routine during one month, food habits, exercise, stress management, adaptation under doctor’s order, and seeking medical treatment behavior. Statistic to be used in this study was frequency, percentage, and standard deviation. The findings found that 95.3 percent of respondents were 50 years old and upper with co-morbid included Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease and Dyslipidemia, and 4.7 percent with CKD. The average self-care behavior in overall was good level. Considering each aspect: the highest level was self-routine behavior during one month, second was seeking medical treatment, and the lowest level was food habits. There should have a campaign to offer a healthy food to the monks, develop or identify the way to promote the health of the monks, and raise the awareness in the care and management of monks' health in a holistic and sustainable manner.
ISSN: 1513-5462
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