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Title: Under The Wang Thong Subdistrict Administrative Organization.
Authors: Worawut Sudnoy
Wanchalemrchai Phonnawapat
Chakkaphan Chanchareon
Keywords: Risk Management
Security Risk
Secondary School
Issue Date: 16-January-2021
Citation: Worawut Sudnoy. Wanchalemrchai Phonnawapat. Chakkaphan Chanchareon. (2021). Under The Wang Thong Subdistrict Administrative Organization. Proceedings of The 7th Regional Conference on Graduate Research 16 January 2021, Sripatum University, Khon Kaen Campus, Khon Kaen, Thailand. (p.719-727).
Abstract: School is a type of buildings used for instructional activities. Regardless of the building risk management as required by laws, school is required to have an institute or professional in building risk management in order to prevent and reduce the risk as well as the lowest level of impact. This research aims to 1) to study the security risks which can be occurred in secondary school; 2) to study the guidelines for the security risks management operating by school; 3) to develop / improve the guidelines for security risks management in accordance with the physical of the building. Research was conducted by using the simple random as a sampling method and divided the data into 2 phases: phase 1, using the survey form as a checklist of the physical characteristics of the building. Phase 2, using the In- depth interviews to school administrators to confirm the results of the study, including comments about the results of the study to lead to the summarizing and discussing research results. The study shows that there are 3 safety risks; accident, casualty, and safety in building use. The currently guidelines are 2 aspects; improvement and maintenance, and security care. As for the development / improvement are 9 steps1) Executive training; 2) Formulate policies; 3) Appoint a committee to determine the scope and duties; 4) Survey the building site; 5) Analyze the risks; 6) Prepare projects and action plans for budget approval; 7) Promote campaigns and training; 8) Practice an emergency plan every year; 9) Review and improve plans. The research results show that building Risk Management is related directly to people’s lives and property. Officers should be encouraged to have extensive knowledge and the youth awareness for their common practice towards the importance and the loss which can happen. It is absolutely necessary that government sector must give the top priority and support all of actions in terms of budget and professionals in training and making plans immediately.
ISSN: 978-974-655-468-8
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