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Title: An Investigation Study on Fuzzy Line Flow Limit Constraints in Competitive Electricity Markets
Authors: Keerati Chayakulkheeree
Keywords: Optimal Power Dispatch
Fuzzy Linear Programming
Issue Date: 25-October-2007
Publisher: The 30th Electrical Engineering Conference
Series/Report no.: PW035
Abstract: In this paper, the fuzzy set theory is applied to model the soft constraint limits. The fuzzy constrained optimal dispatch is formulated as a fuzzy optimization problem and converted into a crisp optimization problem. An efficient successive linear programming method is then modified to solve the new problem. Numerical test results on IEEE 30-bus system show that the fuzzy constrained method could give a good trade-off between reducing generation cost and satisfying constraints, and produce more realistic generation schedules when a feasible solution cannot be obtained by using the crisp OPF.
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