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Title: Multi-Objective Optimal Power Flow Considering System Emissions and Fuzzy Constraints
Authors: Keerati Chayakulkheeree
Keywords: Optimal Power Dispatch
Issue Date: 12-December-2007
Publisher: Proceeding of International Conference on Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities for the Greater Mekong Subregion
Series/Report no.: GMSARN-012
Abstract: This paper proposes a fuzzy multi-objective optimal real power flow (FMOPF) with transmission line limit and transformer loading constraints. In the proposed FMOPF algorithm, the total system operating cost, total system SO2, NOx, and CO2 emissions fuzzy minimization objectives are solved simultaneously considering fuzzy line flow constraints, using fuzzy linear programming (FLP). The proposed FMOPF is tested with the IEEE 30 bus system. The simulation results shown that the proposed FMOPF can efficiently and effectively trade off among total system operating cost and total system SO2, NOx, and CO2 emissions.
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