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Title: Network and Generator Constrained Economic Dispatch Using Hybrid PSO-QP Algorithm
Authors: Keerati Chayakulkheeree
Keywords: Economic Dispatch
Particle Swarm Optimization
Issue Date: 10-May-2006
Publisher: Proceeding of the 2006 ECTI Conference
Series/Report no.: 0354
Abstract: This paper proposes a hybrid particle swarm optimization (PSO) and quadratic programming (QP) algorithm for power system economic dispatch (ED) with transmission line limit and transformer loading and generator prohibited operating zones constraints. In the proposed PSO-QP-ED algorithm, the sets of real power generation at generator bus are used as particles in the PSO. The quadratic programming ED with transmission line limit and transformer loading constrained is performed every generation to obtain the best solution of each population search. The proposed PSO-QP-ED is tested with the IEEE 30 bus system and compared to the PSO-ED. The proposed PSO-QP-ED results in more probability to obtain global minimum total system operating cost in the constrained ED than the PSOED considering generator prohibited operating zones constraints.
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