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Title: Optimal Scheduling of Limited Energy Units Using Deconvolution Technique: A Case Study of Hydro Power Generation in Thailand
Authors: Keerati Chayakulkheeree
Keywords: energy limited unit
equivalent load duration curve
Issue Date: 11-November-2004
Publisher: The 27th Electrical Engineering Conference
Series/Report no.: PW47
Abstract: This paper investigates a practical application of deconvolution technique base optimal scheduling of limited energy units (LEUs). The computer program has been developed so that the probabilities of unit outages are taken into account by capacity model building and deconvolution technique is used to determine the optimal scheduling of LEUs. The program has been tested with the equivalent Thai power system with 110 power generating units, including 16 LEUs (hydro plants). The results shows that the deconvolution technique based optimal LEUs scheduling can dispatch all of daily energy specified at the optimal condition leading to the lower daily operating cost than that of scheduling without deconvolution calculation. The method can effectively associate the unit commitment problem as a preliminary scheduling of LEUs.
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